Success: 10 Qualities That Make People Wildly Successful

I’ve been blessed to have the opportunity to be around many stars from all walks of life such as professional sports, entertainment, and the corporate world and I’ve spent countless amounts of time learning and observing the habits that make these people so successful. They have achieved great levels of fame, fortune, and influence in this world and after years of studying them I have come to the conclusion that there are many common denominators that propel them to the top of their respective fields.

In this article we will take a long and hard look at what it is that makes a select few people so successful, and what it is that they are doing on a day to day basis that gives them the ability to conquer anything that they put their heads to.

Habits are what separate one person from another. When someone appears to be winning in all aspects of their life, it’s not because they are better than you, it’s simply because they have different habits than you do.

So, without further ado here are:

10 Qualities That Make People Wildly Successful 

1. They are extremely disciplined

Successful people are hardcore and know when it is time to get down to business. You may see the parties, fun, flashy cars, and vacations on their instagram pages, but you better believe that these people hustle and they hustle CONSISTENTLY.

Tell me how often this happens to you, because it happens to me ALL OF THE TIME. How many times do you come up with an idea and decide that you will start acting on it the next day. Then, you wake up super motivated the next day, you get a lot of stuff done, your super productive, you see progress, you’re feeling yourself, and you’re about to be a millionaire (or at least you feel like it) and then you look back one week later to see that you never took any acton again after that ONE day. Yes, I know,  we are all guilty of this.

Anyone who says they never struggled with this is lying to you.

People that are highly successful have trained themselves to act EVERYDAY. I have noticed that great achievers develop a daily regimen and stick to it like glue. The difference between an average person, a below average person, and someone who is great, is that the great person works on mastering his craft EVERYDAY. When you only work on your craft one day out of seven, you are setting yourself up to fail against someone who is working on that same craft six days out of seven.

My recommendation to you is to first figure out what your goals are. Next, prioritize which activities most urgently need to be completed. Then, divide your day into time blocks and fill each block up with the activities that are highest on your priority list. Make sure to include leisurley hobbies as well, such as spending time with family or hanging out with friends. One thing I like to do is set aside some blocks and allocate that time to what I call my “chill time.” It’s very important to live a little and watch a ball game or go beat up your girl or something (play fighting, for all of you wise ones). If you are having trouble finding some time to wind down, you’re doing too much and you need to rebalance your priorities and allocate your activities differently, if you look hard enough there is something that can wait until later. Either delegate the activity to some else or eliminate it from your block entirely. Finally, it is best to schedule activities around the same time each day. For example: GYM @ 7AM on Mon, Tues, and Weds.

Make a regimen, stick to it like your life depends on it, no excuses, stuff will get done, and then you can thank me later.


2. They Are Extremely Optimistic 

I can’t begin to tell you how important this is. Almost any successful person I’ve ever met is very POSITIVE. Not only are they positive, but they hate negativity. They steer away from negative people and situations like they are running from the plaque. Quite literally, they run away from the stuff, and you should too.

I’ll be the first to admit that life is not always sunshine and rainbows, but this is precisely why you must be optimistic. Because when something doesn’t go according to plan, and it will, only positive thinking and action will get you back on track.

There are even scientific studies that show that our brains are primed to respond to positivity in a way that reinforces positivity. In simpler terms, our brains reward us for positive thinking by providing more positive thought patterns and guiding us towards happiness. It is much easier to take over the world when you are feeling happy, plus people will like you more. Nobody likes to be around someone who complains all the time and sucks all of the good vibes out a room.

Be positive through good times, through the bad times, and you will be immensely rewarded.

3.  They Are Avid Readers

Great entreprenuers and successful people all read, A LOT. As cliche as this may sound, the saying, “read to achieve,” is spot on. In order to achieve, one must truly learn to master this craft because by reading you will learn and be better equipped to handle any obstacles you may face in your journey.

There is no way anyone can achieve high levels of success without the proper knowledge. Period. Mastering your craft requires taking the time to educate yourself. Successful people know this and they gobble up knowledge like there is no tomorrow. Knowledge is power, I can’t emphasize this enough, the benefits are endless. It will educate you, make you a better writer, speaker, and also make you an overall more interesting person to converse with.

I always like to say, “read a book, and you read someones entire life.” Essentially, by reading a book you get to read someone’s whole life experience. Therefore, if the author is 60 or 70 years old, this means that you have the opportunity to learn something that took them 60 years to learn in only a span of a couple of days. That is a powerful asset.

We all know that the Lord has told us “my people are destroyed from lack of knowledge” (Hosea 4:6). Pick up a book and read it and you will be successful.

4. They Learn From Their Mistakes, and Apply

Want to see results, and see results fast? Do this. I guarantee you, your productivity will sky rocket.

I’m sure you hear this often: ‘learn from your mistakes.’ But people always seem to leave out the APPLY part. This is what successful people and entrepreneurs do, and do it well. I learned this, and believe me it works. It’s critical.

Many people go through life making the same mistakes over and over again. Sure they may “learn” from their mistakes. But the problem is, they never DO anything about it. When you make a mistake you have to lick your wounds, learn the lesson, and then APPLY the lesson you learned IMMEDIATELY. Do not hesitate. The faster you can learn and apply, the more productive you will become and the faster you will attain your goal. This advice is golden.

Here is an exercise:

Apply any lesson you have learned starting RIGHT NOW, this second, and never look back. Don’t wait. Do this everyday. There will be a change in your level of productivity.

5. They Look the Part

This one is a no brainer. Look at the superstar in your office, on the field, or on the stage and you will see a common trend. People who achieve high level success are usually dressed sharp as a tack.

Sure, there are always exceptions to every rule, but I can guarantee you a majority of successful people are very well dressed and have good hygiene. Your appearance is literally the first thing people see when meeting you for the first time and we live in a society that WILL judge you based on how you are dressed. So, if you are slacking (no pun intended) in this department you are putting yourself at a huge disadvantage, my friend.

Food for thought, it is common knowledge that any successful business person makes money, and to make money, at some point you will have to ask someone else to give you THEIR money in exchange for your service or product. Which of these gentlemen would you feel more comfortable forking over that hard earned money to? The guy on the left or the guy on the right?



The guy on the right, hands down. You don’t have to be America’s Next Top Model but do you yourself a favor wear clothes that fit, take a shower, and clip your nails. You’ll feel good and you’ll do great.


6. They Are Passionate

Countless times I have encountered people that have a very lucrative career but are absolutely miserable because they are not passionate about it. Successful people love what they do. When you love what you do, you will never feel like you are working another day in your life. Things will begin to flow and you’ll find yourself feeling happier.

Passion is the fire that light’s the mega successful’s candle. It can seem like they can endlessly work on their craft, because to successful people it is not work. If you try putting your full effort into a job a career you hate, you will eventually burn out and become very frustrated.

If you are in a career or field that you do not love, I would recommend finding a way to transition into a path that gets your blood rushing. It will be the best decision you make in your life and one that will give you a nice return on investment.

7. They Are Obsessed 

If you want to amass a large amount of success, money, and freedom in this life, this may potentially be the most important piece of advice in existence. To win, to truly win, you must aim dominate your field. Every successful athlete, entrepreneur, lawyer, stockbroker, or celebrity, is obsessed with operating at their optimum level and they then apply MASSIVE ACTION to their purpose.

There are BILLIONS of people on the planet who all would like to have money, freedom, and success. In order to rise to the cream of the crop, it is absolutely imperative to dominate your field. Successful people understand this and they are willing invest MASSIVE ACTION into each and every single day to achieve those goals.

Kobe Bryant took 1,000 shots a day, Donald Trump said he goes sleepless on some nights when working on a deal, I once heard of a law student at the top of his class at a very reputable law school that was known to spend 10 hours EVERYDAY in the library. That’s some RIDICULOUS work ethic.

Don’t be afraid to go all in and pursue your goals with all of your heart, you only live once, after all. Make it count.

8. They Are Willing To Adapt

This is a crucial skill and one that you must be aware of regardless of what field you are in or you will be oblitherated. Successful people are constantly with the times. They understand that they don’t have to change everything about their operation, but they are open and willing to adapt and update areas of their careers that may expose their business to downside risk due to the new trends and technology engulfing society. People that have too much pride and a “stick with my guns” attitude can really suffer great consequences if they refuse to acknowledge the changes taking place around the globe and get caught in their ways.

The world is changing everyday and technological advances are constantly being rolled out to the masses, it has changed the world of business. Fortune 500 companies are run differently now than they were 30 years ago. The fortune 500 companies that understand this are still dominating the marketplace to this day, the ones that did not are no longer in existence. It’s that simple, if you don’t advance with the times, you will be left behind.

I would highly recommend investing the time to educate yourself about the new technologies and advances that are changing and evolving your field. If you’re an entrepreneur, learn about marketing, as that is an area that has been drastically changed due to the social media phenomena. This will help you to avoid new advancements coming back to bite you and your wallet when you are least expecting it.

9. They Accept and Understand Both Their Strengths and Weaknesses 

Robert Herjavec, a mogul that built a $200 million dollar business empire and well known for his appearance on NBC’s ‘Shark Tank,’ once talked about what makes him successful and what he said has always stuck out to me. He said, “what makes me successful is that I understand what I am good at and what I am bad at…always focus only on what you are good at because if you to try to beat someone at something you are bad at, there will always be someone out there who is good at that thing, and he will eat your lunch each and every single time”

Don’t let someone else eat your lunch.

Successful people understand that they are not good at everything, and they accept it. Put you energy and effort in to things that you are talented at naturally and your chances of achieving at a high level are much better. If you try to play on somebody else’s turf you will lose every time.

Stay in your lane.

10. They Know How to Relax 


This one is my favorite–vacation. Almost all highly successful people that I have learned from all know when it is time to take some time off and recharge the batteries.

When you work hard and pound the pavement day in and out, it is so important to reward yourself with a vacation or at the very least take a break from time to time. Going out with some buddies, spending time with family, going on adventures, or taking an unforgettable vacation somewhere will pay it’s dividends to both you and your dreams. It will give you time to reflect and to come up with new ideas for your career or business.

Sometimes our best ideas come when we are in a state of relaxation and fun.

Learn to lighten up, take a deep breath, and be thankful for the simple things. After all, what’s the point of working so hard if you don’t get to enjoy all your accomplishments?


Cheers. Be Great.





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