Success: How To Be Successful (3 Steps) & Why You Can Have Success

Too often people become complacent. They settle. They see Mark Zuckerberg or Anthony Robins and say, “I CAN’T be successful like those people because only CERTAIN people can become THAT successful.”

This is a LIE.

After studying the habits of greats and learning what it takes to be successful from high achievers. The truth is, anybody can be successful.

Some people just don’t want you to know that.

In this article I will give you the truth, and 3 steps to follow that will guarantee you find success in life.

Watch the YouTube video below:


The Truth

People are not born successful. Success is made. Success is earned. Success is fought for. If one person can do something, than YOU TOO can do it.


We All Have 24 Hours in a day. The only thing that separates you from the next person, is what you chose to do with your 24 hours.

Some people chose to eat doritos and watch Family Guy for 4 hours out of the day. While others instead chose to workout, build a business, and write a book during the same 4 hours. As time progresses, the first person ends up unhealthy with no success, while the second will be in great shape with a business, product for sale, and more resources.

The habits you chose shape your Life. CHANGE your habits. Change your life.

Here Are 3 Steps So That YOU TOO can be successful:

Step 1: Find Your Passion and Pursue It

What do you love to do? Find that answer and begin to pursue it. I guarantee that you will not reap great success if you are not doing what you love.

While at work you may feel like you deserve better. It’s because your subconscious knows what your true purpose is and it won’t stop bothering you until you follow your passion and stop delaying the process.

I failed to listen to my conscious for a while and I had to learn the hard way. I worked in a finance career and the sky was the limit. I could have made all the money in the world. But it was not my passion. I was miserable. I was only doing it for the money. Big mistake. So I took a leap of faith and left that career so I could instead help people and focus on my own passions and pursuits. Now, everyday I wake up I have a fuel that lights a fire within my soul and gets my day going.


When you do what you love. You will wake up and a fire will be running through your soul too. You’ll be excited to “work,” because you will be carrying out your purpose and working towards your legacy.

Anybody who is massively successful did not have to find success, success found them because they were busy chasing their passion.

Examples include: Bill Gates, loves computers. Michael Jordan, loves basketball. Warren Buffet, loves money. Michael Jackson, loves music. Donald Trump, love business. Jesus, loves you.

You get it.

Find your passion, find your life.


Now that you have found what you love to do, it is time to commit to taking massive action. This doesn’t mean to merely say you are going to do something; it means to DO IT. It means to pour your heart and soul into it. It means to become the best. It means to realize that you only live once and you have ONE SHOT to make a mark in your LIFE.

Everyday wake up and say to yourself that you will try your hardest; I promise you will not struggle finding motivation if you say this to yourself everyday. Leave it all on the line.

Commit to greatness, not existence.

Step 3: Have A Killer Work Ethic

Success takes hard work. No secrets here.


Once you have found your passion, and have made the commitment to pursue it, now it is time to put in the work.

While being motivated is great, it won’t take you far if you don’t have superb skills to back it up.

Sharpen your craft so you can rise to the cream of the crop.

Educate yourself on a daily basis. Implement healthy habits and choices into your lifestyle so that you will be able to function better and more efficiently than your competition.

Most importantly, be consistent. Working hard one day isn’t enough. Do it on a daily basis. People who are very successful work their butts off, they may not show it, but they do.

Success is the end result of relentlessly and consistently enhancing your skills in life, business, and your craft. Do this, and you will maximize the likelihood of being successful.

I hope you now understand that YOU TOO, CAN BE successful.

And remember, be great.



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