Negativity: How To Overcome Negativity (3 Steps)

Let’s face it, there is a lot of negativity in the world. There are negative people, violent attacks going on, and bad influences happening all over the TVs we watch.

With all the violence and advertisements on TV that are promoting products which bad for us, it almost appears that we are born at disadvantage.

In this article, I will show you how you can become a more positive person and overcome the negativity in the world.

Understand That Mindset is Everything

A “mental warrior.”is someone that understands his circumstances are dictated by a root cause ultimately which is the mind and its thoughts.

An outcome is always first determined by an action that we take, whether it’s something we say or do. But before any physical action takes place it is always started by a thought.

the same old thinking and disappointing results

Learning how to master your thoughts is key. If we think negatively about ourselves on a regular basis then overall we end up falling short in reaching our goals. By thinking negative, we constantly second guess ourselves and doubt we can accomplish something before we’ve even tried it which will always lead to a cycle of failure.

But, people who have a positive mindset tend not to struggle with failure. By telling themselves that they are capable, strong, smart, and a warrior, they start to believe themselves and can overcome obstacles to conquer their goals.

Dominate your mind and you will dominate the world.

1. Avoid Negative People

Limit contact with people in your life that are negative.

There are many people who are angry at life. Maybe they gave up on their life and their dreams. So they decide to take that anger out on others. Avoid these people.

You may have friends that tell you that you can’t do something. It may seem like they are always “hating” on you. Or maybe they always complain about the world when they are around you. Being around people like this is bad for our thinking. If someone you know is always making you feel bad about yourself or is always complaining and saying bad things about life and other people, eventually YOU TOO will start believing these things.

The saying: “your success is dictated by the top 5 people you surround yourself with” is true. If you are surrounding yourself with champions who think positive all the time and uplift you, then you will pick up good habits and become a champion too. But, if you are around losers that make you feel bad about yourself and that are doing nothing positive for their own lives, you too will become a loser.

Surround yourself with greatness and you will become greatness.

2. Avoid Watching the News

Watching too much news can have a negative impact on our mental state. While it is good to have a general awareness of what is going on around us. Most times, we would be better off unplugging ourselves from it all. When something truly important happens that you must know about, trust and believe that people around you will be talking about it, allow them to be your source of news.

The reason why I say the news is bad is because most of it is very negative. It is loaded with rape, killing, and stories about bad people. I’m sure that if you had a day filled with positivity and then turned on the news your mood would start to get a little worse and after a while you would start feeling pessimistic about life.


The worst part is that they show us these bad things on purpose. Unfortunately, directors feel that the best way to make money is by promoting negativity.

But they are wrong.

The truth is, there are many positive things that happen in the world regularly. There are great people who love humanity and there are awesome stories about them regularly but the news just doesn’t share it with you.

So if we can conclude that the news shows us bad things that make our mind states worse and that they do it on purpose to make a profit, it is safe to say that we should try to avoid consuming too much of it.

When you cut down on your time watching the news and focus that energy into taking massive action towards your goals you will notice that your feel a lot more positive daily and that you are more productive because of it.

3. Avoid TV Shows and Movies That Can Be Harmful

Many TV shows and movies are like the news. They understand that violence, killing, hate, and bad language, is what makes people want come back and watch more. Look at these reality shows. They are nothing but a bunch of people that are OBSSESSED with MONEY and that like to curse at each other. It’s the same thing with a majority of other shows and movies, they are filled with scenes that are a negative influence on our minds.

What is worse, is that just like the news these movies and shows are created with the intention to manipulate our minds.

According to studies, scientists may have unlocked the formula for directors to allow them to make you feel whatever emotion they want you to feel whenever they want you to feel it. This is because of a breakthrough called Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (FMRI). This allows directors to study how your brain reacts to different scenes so that they can then reproduce scenes that make you feel that way anytime you want leaving you hooked to their movies. So for example, if you like feeling adrenaline rushes. The director will be able to make you feel that whenever he wants and you will be coming back to watching more of his movies.

If you think that’s crazy, it gets WORSE.


Scenes from movies and TV shows can actually have a negative impact on your physical health. That’s right. Certain scenes can cause a rush in your heart rate, adrenaline, and cortisone levels which overtime can be a bad thing. It can be especially bad if you already have cardiovascular problems.

Not only that but did you know that if you struggled with depression before, that a movie could be the cause of you falling back into it again? Studies have shown that the scenes we watch can bring up deeply repressed traumatic memories from the past. When you see something in a movie or show it can cause a change in your brain chemistry that can bring up memories about a bad time that you didn’t even know you had. So if you struggled with depression or sadness at some point in your life, a movie can subconsciously make you relive that feeling again and can cause you to struggle with depression again.


The mind is a powerful thing and it can also be sensitive. A lot of times, we are not conscious of things that can affect how we think but it is very important to always keep track of what we allow to enter into our thought process. Our minds are the source of who we are and if we allow bad thinking and negativity to enter them, we will fall short in our real lives.

“Love yourself. It is important to stay positive because beauty comes from the inside out.”

– Jen Proske

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And as always. Be Great.




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