Writers Block Cure: How To Get Into State of Flow – Fix Creative Block

What is Flow?

Flow is a state that you reach when you become completely immersed into a task. When you are in flow you will find that you will be so focused on a project that you won’t be able to stop, you will constantly come up with new creative ideas, and you will lose track of time.

Wouldn’t you love to be in this state all of the time?

In this article I want to talk about why flow is important and explain how you can achieve a state of flow and stay there.

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Why Flow Is Important

The main trait that successful people possess is consistency. To be a professional sports athlete you have to consistently have good stats or you will get cut from the team. To be a good lawyer you have to consistently win cases or you won’t have many clients. To be a good YouTuber you have to consistently release good content or you won’t have subscribers. To be a good entrepreneur you have to consistently provide value to your market or you won’t get customers. Whatever you do you have to be consistent for long periods of time.

The only way to be consistent is by remaining in a constant state of flow. The opposite of flow, is block. This is where the term “writers block” comes from. If you are an author and you struggle with writers block frequently, this can hamper your success because you won’t be able to complete your project in an efficient amount of time thus holding you back from selling books and being successful. This is true for anything and everything else as well.


To be successful you have to be able to provide value to your market on a daily basis and to do that you have to be consistently creating high quality content.

The faster you can create high quality content, the more success you will have ultimately.

How To Get Into the State of Flow

1.   Do Something You Are Passionate About – If you chose to do something that you love and are passionate about it will be easy to put your full attention into doing it. When you try to do something you don’t enjoy it is only a matter of time before you procrastinate and try putting it off because you don’t want to really be doing it.

2.  Eliminate Distractions – you will find it hard to lose yourself in a task if the T.V is blasting. If you’ve ever tried to study while the T.V is on I’m sure you lost focus after 5 minutes or so. When you put yourself in a quiet secluded place away from distractions you will be able to zone in and focus more.


3.  Avoid Exceptionally Difficult Tasks – Sure, it is good to push yourself, this is part of what keeps life interesting and challenging. But don’t overdue it. If you try doing something that is too high in difficulty eventually you will burn out. It is always easier to get lost in a task for a long period of time that doesn’t require an excessive amount of effort than one that is grueling and difficult to do.

4. Read and Educate Yourself – One reason why many people suffer with “writers block” is because they aren’t educating themselves enough. Writers block is simply running out of things to say. When you are constantly learning new things you will have more to say and will find it harder to run out of words or content to present to your audience. It will also keep you interested in your task and on your toes. You also gain confidence knowing that you can come up with ideas endlessly and this will create a snowball effect where you will find it easier and easier to be constantly creating.


By doing these things you should have no problem staying motivated and interested enough to sit down and get completely immersed the projects you are working on. You will always be in a state a creativity and you and your endeavors will bloom beyond your wildest dreams.

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