Entrepreneurs: Why You Should Be Obsessed With LIFE and Not With Money

Money is important; Financial abundance and financial security are important if you want to be a successful young entrepreneur.

But why?

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The truth is, having money is just a means to an end. Money is just a tool, an accessory to be able to do the things that are really important like making a positive impact on other people’s lives and being able to take your family on unforgettable vacations.

The Mistake Many People Make

Many people become overly obsessed with money. They become so blinded by the entrepreneurial process and acquiring wealth that they forget why they need money in the first place.

It’s sad that some people have millions and billions of dollars but don’t take the time to enjoy the fruits of their labor. They just focus on making more money.

Money Worship

When you become rich and become a successful young entrepreneur, there will be a point where you have accumulated enough money to survive.

But then what?

Tim Ferriss addresses this issue in his book, ‘The 4 Hour Work Week,’ in Chapter 15  “Filling the Void: Adding Life After Subtracting Work.” He explains that people have an innate desire to love and want to help other people; this is our first and most primal purpose.

No matter how much money, resources, and free time you may have, at some point you will feel that it is time to give back to the world. If you don’t feed that desire within your heart that we all have you will feel lost and begin wondering what is the point of life. This is how many successful entrepreneurs and wealthy people end up depressed even though they have a seemingly perfect life.

The Solution

To avoid falling for this trap always have the awareness that taking your entrepreneurial journey is not all about making money, but rather it is about accumulating the resources to enable you to better serve humanity.

With money and finances you can help the poor, help children, help your family, and put smiles on the faces of your family and friends by creating timeless experiences for them. This should be the end goal!


Lamborghini’s, jets, and nice clothes are wonderful things and I don’t advocate against wanting these things; but always remember that these material items are not why making money is important, eventually the initial high that you get from purchasing these things will wear off, and fast.

Making money and being a financially abundant successful entrepreneur is all about what you are bringing to the table towards the human race with your newfound resources that many do not have.


Hollywood movies and T.V shows sometimes give us the perception that material items and business success is the end in itself but we always have to remember that they are just the means.

A successful entrepreneur is not only successful financially but more so in their contribution to humanity as a whole.

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Always, be great!



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