Success: How To Reach Your Full Potential By Accessing Higher Self

Your Higher Self

This is a question I want you to ask yourself each time you face a problem or an obstacle in life – how would my best and higher self respond to this situation?

What would you do if you were at your absolute best? If you were that strong, powerful, and charismatic person? How would you respond.

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Maybe you have experienced a time in your life where you were blown away by yourself but you felt confident, you felt strong, disciplined, and it seemed like you were making all of the right decisions. I’m sure you remember this time in your life.

Maybe this happened only once in your life and your not always in this state where you didn’t hesitate and where you were always happy. What would you do if you could access that version of yourself all the time?


Each and every single human being has this “higher self” that is tucked deep within their soul that is capable of reaching their full potential. This is the best version of yourself that you may reach 1 year from now, 2 years, or even 20 years, but it is there.

No matter how much you have failed, fallen short, or have missed the mark in life, I am here to tell you today that you are capable of doing anything you’ve dreamed of.

How To Become Your Higher Self: Act As If

The key to becoming mega successful is to access your highest self. This the best version of yourself that God is calling us out to be. If you want to achieve crazy things in life, you have to be able to access the version of yourself that will get things done. The way to do this is to “act as if.”

Every time you encounter a difficult situation or a challenge your current or your past self may respond to this situation in one way – but your higher and best version of yourself would act differently. Maybe your best version would respond by looking at the obstacle as blessing, a source of motivation to get even stronger, or respond by taking massive action – the cure all to all problems.

Anytime you encounter a difficult obstacle or a situation, automatically ask yourself this question “what would my higher self do now?” By doing this you will always get the answer you were looking for and once you do, just simply step into it and act it out.

By doing this you will be very surprised by the changes you will get. Simply meet every situation as your highest self – make the conscious decision to step into to every moment as that highest version of yourself and you will see a huge difference in your life.


The potential is already within you. You already have all of the answers and solutions to the problems and obstacles you face. You just have to ask that higher version of yourself those questions and then step into the answers that you get and before you know it you will be the person you have always dreamed of becoming, the person God has called you out to be, and the person you knew you were capable of becoming.

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And remember. Be Great.



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