Motivation: 4 Reasons Why People Give Up and How To Change Them – How To Stop Giving Up

Maybe you are not where you want be in life. Maybe you have goals that you want to achieve but you’ve never actually put in your heart and soul towards achieving your goals. Don’t be discouraged, many of us have been guilty of this at one point or another.

Success is not easy, and it requires a lot of sacrifice. But our minds and our bodies oftentimes are trained to be lazy and comfortable, so when it comes time to pursue something that is challenging our minds can trick us into reasons for giving up.

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In this article, I will discuss several reasons why people give up and also tell you how to change them.

1. Not Enough Time 

This by far is probably the most common excuse of them all. Many people give up because they feel as if they do not have enough time to get tasks done. They attribute this to things such as their work schedule, family, or cleaning around the house. The truth is that these are all excuses. Anybody can make more time in their schedules by spending less time being lazy, watching T.V, and doing other things that aren’t productive.


The main thing that makes successful people successful is the fact that they are willing to eliminate unnecessary actions from their days and limit the time they spend on things that are a waste of energy.

Simplify your schedule and eliminate unnecessary tasks from your day and you will find that you have more time to get things done.

2. I Don’t Know Enough

Saying that you don’t know what you are doing is an easy way to justify giving up but it’s not a good excuse. If you don’t know something about a particular topic or skill that you need understand in order to accomplish your goals then you need to invest some time into learning about it.

The most successful people all encounter things that they don’t know about. However, they do not use that as an excuse to just stop their mission all together. Instead, they take the time to learn.

Information today is readily available at your fingertips. You can literally self educate yourself on any topic such as internet marketing, programming, or how to start a business simply by searching for it on google or YouTube – so take advantage!

3. My Goals Are Unrealistic

Who makes the rules as to what is realistic and what is unrealistic? There is no such thing as an unrealistic goal, the only thing that make you feel that way is your thinking. If great inventors and innovators listened to their self-doubting thoughts that said their goals were too unrealistic there would be so many things that would exist today.


What if Abraham Lincoln decided that ending slavery in America was unrealistic, then what? But he decided to take action and slavery is no more in the United States and has opened up the door for African Americans to have freedom for years to come. There are countless instances like this and they all came to fruition because one day somebody decided to do something that many others thought was “unrealistic.”

With that being said, there are only big goals and small goals, if your goals seem “big” to you, then that means you need to split those goals up into smaller easier to conquer daily steps. When you do this they won’t feel so overwhelming anymore.

4. I’m Afraid of What My Family and Friends Will Think

Many people are afraid what other people will think. Maybe if you start your own business, your friends will judge you or your family will judge you. Maybe they’ll tell you to do something else or perhaps pursue prestigious career such as law or finance; you may even encounter jealousy.

One thing that is very important to understand is that there will literally always be people who don’t agree with you or don’t like you or what you do for whatever reason. In life, it is impossible to please everyone. With that being said, you have absolutely nothing to lose by going head first towards the pursuit of your goals – believe in yourself and all the rest will follow!

“Never bend your head. Always hold it high. Look the world straight in the face.”

   – Helen Keller 


Never give up because it is never worth it. You can always find a solution to an obstacle if you do enough homework on your pursuits, passions, or dreams.

There is never an excuse to give up, there is only an excuse.

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