Mindset: How To Get Over Depression (4 Steps) – How To Stop Feeling Depressed and Sad – Feel Happy Again

Depression is one of the toughest things to go through in life. When you feel depressed you may feel as if there is no hope and that the pain will never end.

In today’s article, I am here to tell you that can end depression, and to tell you from my own personal experience that anybody can go from feeling depressed to feeling alive, happy, and full of life again.

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So let’s begin with a brief discussion about depression and then I will give you 4 steps to help you overcome depression for good.

Medications Aren’t Always The Solution

Many people who have been struggling with depression believe that the only way to overcome depression is by taking medications. In many cases, if you have approached a professional about your depression then they probably have prescribed to you these medications.


However, medications may not always work. In many cases they can only be a short term solution until your body adapts to the drug and you need to take more and more pills.

Also, many studies have shown that medications can be useless. In an experiment, they took two control groups: one that was on medication, and another that wasn’t and managed to prove that medications don’t always work to fix depression.

So seek other solutions to fixing your depression such as the steps I will show you next.

How To Get Over Depression (4 Steps)

1. Understand That Depression Has an End

When you are in a state of depression one of the hardest things to do is actually believe that you will not feel like this forever. You may feel as if the depression will never end.

To fix this, you need to understand how depression works. Depression is merely a temporary emotion in our brain just like all of our other emotions. Do you remember the last time you were angry? How long did that last? I’m sure when you were angry nothing could change that state you were in but eventually it passed and your state changed back normal. This is how depression works too – it’s just a temporary emotion.

2. Avoid Hectic and Stressful Lifestyles (Life Style Habits)

We live in a society that places a high emphasis on materialism, money, and other shallow things. Many of us become a victim of trying to fit the mold and this can produce a lot of pressure on you. Maybe you’ve been looking at other people’s social media profiles and comparing your life to theirs.

Oftentimes, depression is just your body trying to signal to you that something in your life is wrong.


If you are overworking yourself or have some sort of career or profession that is making you miserable or that is just way to stressful, you need to highly consider alternative career paths. Money, nice things, and status is never worth sacrificing your own sanity.

Don’t feel the need to sacrifice your happiness and peace of mind just so you can be like someone on social media and T.V or to make a lot of money. Images can be deceiving and remember that celebrities you see are only posting and showing you the good parts about their lives!

3. Don’t Suppress Your Emotions

Depression is often the result of not expressing your feelings. Life can be very unfair and sometimes bad things happen that can be difficult to go through. If you are going through a tough time or aren’t being treated fairly by someone you need to speak up.

Don’t accept it. Talk to someone close about it, whether it’s a family member, friend, pastor, or a professional.

Regardless of who it is, express your feelings to someone. They may have a solution to your problem and at the very least it is a way for you to vent your feelings outwards. If you don’t vent, your pent up feelings can eventually build up and become unbearable and lead to depression or even worse a mental breakdown. Don’t let it get to this point – LET IT OUT!

4. Find Your Life Purpose

If you want to be successful and you don’t want to feel depressed you must find your life’s purpose. When you have something that you want to achieve – a mission in life – your life will become much more interesting and exciting to you.


When you don’t have something that makes you want to wake up in the morning it can make life seem pointless and before you know it you will find yourself in a cycle of going through life day by day allowing other things, circumstances, and people to dictate where your life goes and how you feel.

Find something you are passionate about and find your life’s purpose and it will help you refresh and create new excitement in your life.


Depression occurs for many reasons, most of the time it is because of something simple that you can change in your life. Understand that it is temporary just like any other emotion and can be fixed. Don’t always resort to medications immediately. Know that depression is your body trying to signal to you that you are not dong something right.

Identify what that is whether is it’s a job, a lifestyle habit, or a lack of a life purpose and change it! You can do it. Follow these steps and I can assure you that you will find a sense of excitement again.

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And as always. Be Great.



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