Mindset: How To Overcome Fear (3 Steps) – How To Conquer Fear Once and For All

If you could overcome all of your fears where do you think you would be today? Fear is something that causes people to hesitate on taking action and can sometimes leave people paralyzed for days, months, or even years before they can come up with the courage to take action.

In this article I will show you how to overcome fear.

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Begin the Process: Understand That Fear Is Just An Emotion

The first step to overcoming fear is to understand that it is just an emotion like happiness or sadness. This is good news. If you look into what neurolinguistic programming is it discusses how our brains react to different types of stimuli. What this shows us is that our emotions are created by our behavior patterns. For example, if your first boss was mean and screamed at you, for the rest of your life anytime you hear about a boss or have your own you will feel fearful and think that they are mean too. This goes for anything.

The truth is that we are in control of our own states. If you can learn what it is that triggers you to feel your fears than you can easily overcome it.

Collage of multi-ethnic people with various facial expressions

“You cannot control what the outer world does but you are 100% in control of your inner world”

Here are the three (3) different types of triggers that are causing your fears:

1. Your Body Language

Your body language is a powerful thing. Many people think that body language is only important because it communicates a message to other people about how you are feeling – which is true – but it also is what controls how you feel on the inside.

I’m sure that if you imagine a time in your life that you felt really confident you will be able to realize that you were doing particular things with your body. Maybe your posture was a certain way, or your voice inflection changed, or maybe it was the types of faces you were making.

Now look back again into your past, imagine a time where you felt fearful and out of control – how was your body language then? Now compare the two – I’m sure they are much different!

The key take away from this is to remember the times that you felt confident and in control of your emotions and emulate that body language again. This will trigger your positive emotions and bring you back into that state. Not only will you look confident and not feel fearful, but you will feel confident as well.

2. Your Words

Language is a critical contributor to how you are feeling. What are you saying to yourself? Is your self-talk positive or is it negative?

If you are in front of a group of people and you are telling yourself that you are nervous because those people don’t like you and that those people are mean, then you will probably feel all of those emotions and create that circumstance for yourself.


However, if you tell yourself that you are confident and that all of those people will love you, then you will carry yourself differently and they will also react differently as well.

As you go on throughout your day, always encourage yourself with positive self talk. Use powerful words to describe yourself such as marvelous and brilliant. Take a mental note of all of the things you are doing good instead of all of the things you are doing bad. Master this and your feelings of fear will vanish.

3. What You Are Focusing On

What you focus on is what you will attract into your life. Our brains are capable of what is called mental imagery which is simply the images that we see in our mind. With practice we can learn to use this to our advantage.

However, if you focus on negative things then you will probably struggle with fear and insecurities.

For example, if you imagine your future and you focus on poverty, struggle, and loneliness then your mind will associate those images with you and you will create that for yourself in your life. You will have a negative view of the world, on women (or men), and on people that have money. However, if you imagine beaches, happiness, and abundance, then you will feel a lot more encouraged, enthusiastic, and hopeful for your future which will carry over into other areas of your life making you a more positive influence over others.


When thinking to yourself about your life, or about other people, learn to create positive associations with those images in your mind. Imagine that you are meeting nice and friendly people that like you, imagine that you are an enthusiastic and positive person, and imagine that you are capable and have a bright future ahead of you.


Once you realize that you are fully capable of controlling your emotions and your own self-perceptions then you will be able to overcome fear. Fear is just an emotion just like anything else and behavior patterns are what cause our emotions. So learn what type of behavior patterns create good results for you and then stick to them and you will overcome your fear for good.

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