Goals: How To Set Goals and Achieve Them – How To Accomplish Goals

If you want to be successful then you have to be able to set goals and achieve your goals. If you can set goals and actually accomplish them, your business, personal life, and physical fitness will soar.

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With that being said, in this article I will give you 6 tips that will show you how to set goals and how to achieve your goals.

1. Write Down Your Goals and Visualize

The first step you need to take so that you can achieve your goals is to actually write them down. When you write down your goals they actually come to life.

Writing them down gives you something that you can actually read to yourself every day and is a way to avoid forgetting about your commitment to them.


When you write your goals down, split them up into separate categories. Here is an example (keep in mind this is what works for me you can personalize this to however best suits you).

I. Spiritual
– Prayer Life
– Church

II. Business Goals
– What to invest in
– Product launch
– Strategy

III. Finances
– How much do I want to save
– Where to allocate funds

IV. Health and Fitness
– Diet
– Lifestyle
– Fitness Goals
– Where would I like to be?

V. Personal Relationships
– Boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse
– Friends/family

VI. Personal
– Vacation
– Massage
– Emotional

By dividing your goals up into different categories of your life you will be a lot more likely to see tremendous growth in several areas of your life at once. The key to becoming successful is to also remember to always remain balanced.

2. Break Down Your Goals

Now that you have your goals written down and you know which goals you want to achieve, they may seem a little overwhelming. The way to fix this is to break them down into smaller segments.


When you take a one year goal and break it down into smaller monthly and even weekly goals, it will be a lot easier for you to accomplish your goals.

As a result of being able to see your goals broken down into smaller and realistically achievable segments, you will develop confidence. You will also be laser focused as a result because you know have a plan of action.

3. Create A Schedule

Now that you have a clear vision of what goals you want to achieve and how you are going to achieve those goals, it’s time to actually schedule them.

Take some time and create a schedule for yourself. For example, set aside a specific time each day that you are going to commit to working out, working on your business, and spending time with friends.

It can be one day a week for an hour or if can be seven days a week for two hours, whatever works for you. Just be sure to schedule a time that you will commit to each task.

4. Include Your Goals Into Your Routine

Now that you have set your goals and have a schedule and game plan in place to achieve your goals it is time work on creating habits.

People who are truly successful do so by being consistent through the empowering habits they have created in their lives.


Make success a habit. Don’t commit to a diet but commit to health as a lifestyle. This is a way to bypass the need for discipline and will power.

5. Have Others Hold You Accountable

When you keep your goals to yourself it’s easy to cheat yourself. But when you tell others about your goals it puts a lot more pressure on you to keep your word otherwise you’ll look really silly. So tell at least one person about what goal you are trying to accomplish and have them hold you accountable.

Another good idea is to tell the world about what goals you want to achieve and post about them on social media, this way you will have to follow through with them or you will fall short in front of everybody.


I hope this article has showed you how to set goals and achieve them. You can achieve your goals as long as you are committed enough and stick to these steps. As long as you stay the course and create a plan of action you will be able to accomplish all of your goals in no time.

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And as always. Be Great.



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