Consistency: How To Be Consistent (5 Steps) – How To Get Things Done

Consistency arguably is the single most important factor that will determine your success. If you have a goal it is going to require consistent action in order to be achieved.

So in today’s article, I will give you 5 tips on how to be consistent. Learn how to be consistent today, and accomplish your biggest dreams.

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1. Create a Morning / Evening Routine

The most important factor in becoming more consistent is to create a morning ritual and a evening ritual. Oftentimes, the way you begin your day will set the precedent for how the rest of your day will be. If you start off your day bad, then most likely the rest of your day will be bad. Start it off good and you will have a good day. A morning ritual is simply a routine that you perform every morning that gets you into the right mind state. No matter what, always stick to this routine like glue.


Another thing that is important that many people overlook is to have an evening routine. It is well known that a morning routine can make a huge difference in your consistency and starting your day on a good note is important – but what about how you end it?

Ending your day in a good way is vital as well and in fact, I believe determines how you start off your day even MORE than you morning routine. If you end a day off on bad terms, you probably won’t start off the next day well either. However, if you crush your evening routine it will set the momentum for the next day.

2. Do Things Even When You Don’t Want To

When you first start to pursue a goal you will probably be super motivated and excited, so working hard won’t be a hard thing for you to do. However, once you have been at it for a while and things start to get routine, your excitement may dwindle a little bit and you will find it harder to have motivation to work towards your goals.

There will be days that you just don’t feel like doing something that you have to do. These are the days that will make or break you. Do things EVEN when you don’t feel like it. People who are massively successful do this and it’s the difference maker.

3. Focus on The Process Not The Outcome

Many times when we have goals we are tempted to only focus on the end result that we desire to have. But in reality, success does not come overnight and there is a process required first. In fact, success can sometimes take months and even years.


If you focus on the end goal only you will become discouraged often because you will feel like you aren’t achieving your goals fast enough. However, when you focus and use your energy on the process instead of thinking about the end goal, you will have a lot more motivation and you will be more consistent.

4. Use Your Environment

Another very important thing to do is to use your environment to give you reminders. When you have your goals written down somewhere, like a board or on post-its, you will be constantly reminded of what you need to get done and it will be a lot harder to procrastinate. Also, use things such as a screen saver or background to serve as a reminder as well. Don’t these things will help to you to be more consistent.

5. Let Go of Your Old Self

You may have set many goals for yourself and fell short because you needed to be more consistent. But don’t beat yourself up. Accept the fact that the past is the past and don’t hold on to that old image of yourself.


Instead, focus on the new version of yourself that you will become. Focus on the person you are now that will be consistent and that will take consistent action.

Don’t beat yourself up.


I hope this article showed you how to be more consistent. Anybody can achieve great results with consistency and anybody is capable of being consistent and achieving their goals. Just follow these 5 steps and you will be on your way to consistency.

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And as always. Be Great.



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