Mindset: How To Overcome Limiting Beliefs (5 Steps) – Eliminate Limiting Beliefs For Good

In today’s article, I will discuss limiting beliefs. I will explain what a limiting belief is and give 5 steps to overcome them.

If you could overcome your limiting beliefs you would be able to do anything that you want to. Most people don’t accomplish their goals because they have some sort of limiting belief about themselves. They always have an excuse as to why something can’t get done — ultimately these excuses turn into one drawn out story that we tell ourselves that end up becoming our limiting beliefs.

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The good news is that limiting beliefs CAN be overcome. There is a way to eliminate your limiting beliefs and once you can do that the sky is the limit!

What are limiting beliefs?

Limiting beliefs are the thoughts and stories that we tell ourselves on a daily basis about our current circumstances in life, many times we may not even realize that we have these beliefs because they are in our subconscious. Limiting beliefs are the reasons why we cannot do something or some sort of a generalization about people or world-views as a whole. Ultimately limiting beliefs have to do with protecting our perceived self identity and limit us from reaching our full potential.


Here are the 5 steps to overcoming a limiting belief.

1. Identify Your Limiting Belief

The first step is to discover what your limiting beliefs are. The beliefs usually can be identified by the term I am.

Here is an example:

Limiting Belief: “I am never capable of being athletic.”

This is an example of a limiting belief because by saying that to yourself over and over again, you have no chance at ever becoming athletic. However, if you instead say to yourself “I can become as athletic as I want by going to the gym and putting in effort consistently,” this puts a completely different perspective on things and gives you a realistic chance at becoming athletic.

Exercise #1: take a moment and identify a limiting belief in your life.

2. Chose A New Belief That You Would Like To Have

Instead of the old and negative limiting belief you used to tell yourself. Now it’s time to reframe it into a new and positive belief that will empower you instead of limiting you.


Here’s an example:

Old limiting belief: “I’ll never be successful in life.”

New Empowering Belief: “I am in control of the things I do and I can be as successful as I want in life.”

Exercise #2: Chose a new belief to replace your old limiting belief.

3. Eliminate the Emotional Attachment to Your Limiting Belief

Now that you know what your limiting belief is just take some time to think about and identify the emotional experience that gave you that belief. Oftentimes, our limiting beliefs exist because we experienced something bad in the past and they protect us from having to experience these negative feelings again.


Here is an example:

Limiting Belief: “I’ll never have a girlfriend because girls don’t like me.”

Emotional Attachment: “I got rejected by a girl in the past and it hurt me.”

Payoff: Not having to talk to girls and never having to feel painful rejection ever again.”

In the above example the limiting belief was created in the believer’s life when they experienced rejection from a girl in the past. By experiencing rejection from that ONE girl, the believer decided to associate that pain with all girls in the future. By not talking to any girls and telling themselves that no girls will ever like them, the limiting belief serves as a protection to the believer.

Many times, if you look hard enough, your limiting beliefs were created by a negative experience you had in your life. There is most likely some benefit and identity protection that you are receiving from the belief.

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Exercise #3: Identify your emotional connection to the limiting belief and decide that it is not worth holding on to anymore.

4. Re-Frame Your Emotional Attachment

Now that you have identified the emotional attachment to your limiting beliefs and have decided to let it go, it is to re-frame it.

Here is an example:

Emotional Attachment: “I got rejected by a girl in the past and it hurt me.”

Re-Framed Version: “I tried to talk to a girl in the past but we weren’t a good fit for each other and she wasn’t my type. Oh well, there are plenty of other fish in the sea!

See the difference? By doing this you completely change your perspective and shatter every emotional attachment to any limiting belief you have.

Exercise #4: Re-Frame the emotional attachment that you have to your limiting belief in a way that is positive and beneficial to you.

5. Justify Your New Belief

Now that you have changed your limiting belief into an empowering belief it is time to find reasons to validate your new belief.


For example:

New Empowering Belief: “I am in control of the things I do and I can be as successful as I want to be in life.”

Justification: When I chose to study for my exams I got good grades and when I chose to do push-ups everyday I got into great shape and I looked amazing. If I just apply the same effort to other areas in my life like I already have, I can do anything!

Huge difference here. When we have limiting beliefs our minds become accustomed to noticing the negative things in order to confirm the belief instead of noticing the positive things that will disprove it. But you can use this to your advantage by instead focusing your mind on the good things that will prove why your justification is true.

Exercise #5: Find as much evidence as you can to support your new belief.


Limiting beliefs are simply a way to preserve our self identities. Anybody can overcome limiting beliefs by learning to dissociate the belief from their identity, disproving it, and replacing it with an empowering belief instead. I hope this article has shown you how to overcome limiting beliefs and good luck on eliminating limiting beliefs from your life.

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And as always. Be Great.



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