How To Get Out of A Bad Mood (4 Steps) – How To Feel Good All The Time

There are many theories as to why we sometime don‘t feel good or are in a bad mood. One of them is the fact that feeling bad is merely a way that our bodies communicate to us that a physical change has taken place within our bodies.

If you’ve had a really bad headache before, a stomach ache, or have felt tired, I’m sure that you were probably in a bad mood as result of it. The same thing happens when you binge eat. I’m sure if you have ate too much before then you are familiar with the feeling of being tired and lazy as a result. When things like this happen it is your mood changing due to the direct feedback between your body and mind.

With that being said, in today’s article I will be giving you 4 steps on how to get out of a bad mood and feel good all of the time.

1. Eat Well

Eating well is perhaps one of the most important factors when it comes to getting out of a bad mood and feeling good. When you are consistently eating junk food, and foods low in nutrients, your body will respond by sending you triggers in the form of laziness, tiredness, and irritability.


On the contrary, when you feed your body healthy foods, you will begin to feel more energized, alive, and passionate about life day to day and you won‘t be in a bad mood as often.

2. Pay Attention to the Signs Your Body Gives You

This is something that I was really guilty of. When your body is trying to tell you something, it is imperative to listen. I used to not listen to my body. Whenever I would begin to feel tired and sleepy or just in an overall bad mood, I would typically ignore those feelings continue to work through them because I felt that my work was more important and I needed to get stuff done.

But what I didn’t realize is that by not going to sleep, I was actually slowing down my production in the long run. How? Because when you don’t sleep and try to work while you are tired, your level of productivity will plummet.


You may feel good because you are “up” and doing things, but in reality you will not be operating at an optimum level. You’ll be operating a lower level and thus producing sub par work that will limit your success in the long run. So the moral of the story is, listen to your body. If your tired, sleep. If your hungry, eat. If you need a break, take a break! This is a great way to get out of a bad mood.

3. Sleep Well

This was touched on a bit in step number two but I will touch upon it more here. Sleep is super crucial to being successful and being in a good mood. I promise you, if you are not getting enough sleep your business and personal life will suffer tremendously.


Interestingly enough many people will never tell you this, in fact most tell you that you have to endure long grueling hours of no sleep in order to be successful. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

The truth is that by actually getting more sleep and working less, your work and relationships will improve because the time spent on them will be of a higher quality. Your senses will be better, you will be in a better mood, and you’ll also be sharper and faster. All of these combined will lead to you ultimately having a lot more success in the long run. So with that being said, get sleep!

4. Exercise Regularly

Exercise is one of the best ways to amplify your mood. When you exercise it gets your blood flowing which really helps to elevate your mood immediately and put you in a good mood. Studies have shown that regular exercise can alleviate depression, ADHD, anxiety, and much much more!

Also, think about how good it would feel to know that your body is looking good. Imagine having six pack abs, a rock hard chest, and some solid legs. I’m sure you will feel a lot more confident walking into a room if your body looks like that as opposed to being fat and out of shape.


Exercise is one of those things that can very quickly improve your mood and help you to feel good instantly. Exercise on a regular basis and watch your mood improve and your success, skyrocket!


I hope this article has showed to how to get out of a bad mood and feel good all of the time. Being in a bad mood or a good mood is often something that is in our control. Of course there a some factors that are outside of our control.

But a majority of them are, and by doing these things you will start to feel good all of the time and be in a better mood. Always remember to exercise regularly, get sleep, listen to you body, sleep well, and eat healthy, and you won’t suffer with bad moods anymore!

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And As Always. Be Great.




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