Passive Income: What Is Passive Income? And Why Is It So Powerful?

Are you familiar with the concept? What does it sound like to you? If it sounds like you can earn money by doing nothing, you are right. Sort of. What it actually means is that you can earn money in a different way than you do in your main job. This could happen in several ways, the most common one being online.

Making money online. So is it a side job? Well, it could be. And you can do several at once, since you will not be getting paid by the hour or doing actual 9-5, 40 hours a week work.


It basically means you can make money while you are doing something else. It sounds perfect, right? Well, probably because it is. Can you come up with a better way to make money than one where you do not have to be putting in immediate work? Of course you do, but all of those things that crossed your mind are illegal. Now, let us be serious and discuss why passive income is so important and why every productive individual should consider it.

Think about rich people. Now think about very rich people. Do you think all of their money comes from the same source? It can happen but it is not very common. They usually have income flowing in from several sources. And that is what makes them so wealthy. Now, you might not become a billionaire while you are starting to get into passive income but it is, for sure, a good way to get there.

You can have exactly the same as they have, meaning you can generate income aside from your main income that you earn from doing your day job and which can be called active income. Yes, it is active because you actually need to move your behind in order to get a salary and because it comes in a regular flow, regularly, weekly or monthly or whatever, according to the type of job you do.


If you earn both active and passive income you are being twice as productive and earn twice as much. Or maybe ten times as much, depending on what you are doing and how much you are earning from that.

Are you now able to differentiate these two types of income? One is your main job, which pays the bills (hopefully) and the other is money you can get if you are willing to do something else, something extra, to earn a bit more cash. Or even a lot more cash, if you decide to put in the work, which is does not have to be that much (as you will later learn), and the investment which is either small or even inexistent.


Do you understand the importance of passive income now? It is about productivity. It is about making the most of your time and money. You can make more money while you are doing something else, even while you are at your current job. It sounds like a pay raise, does it not? It also sounds like freedom.

The more you earn from passive income the more you can do something entirely different with your time. This is one of the main reasons you should consider finding a way (or a few) of earning passive income. It is the type of income that might allow you both general and financial freedom.

Okay, now you are definitely interested but you do not know what to do or where to start. The advice is to come back and read the next article in this series, where you will keep learning how to be productive and successful, through passive income.

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Make Money Online: How To Create an Online Business at Home (4 Steps)

Do you want to know how to create an online business and how to make money online? Do you want to make money online from home? You have come to the right place! This article will show you exactly how to start an online business.

With the increasing popularity of the internet and social media, an ideal platform has been developed for entrepreneurs to start their online businesses. Starting an online business comes along with a variety of benefits as well as advantages.


For example, the capital needed to start an online business is extremely low, in comparison to other business ventures. You can start a business with just a laptop and a reliable internet connection, it’s that simple.

However, there are a few important tips that you should keep in mind in order to make your online business a profitable one.

Here are the 4 steps that will show you how to create an online business.

1. Build a website

This is an essential first step of starting an online business and making money at home, you will need to develop a website. People don’t tend to trust online businesses that don’t have a website.

Therefore, the website you build for your online business venture has the ability to contribute a lot towards its credibility, it literally can make or break your success. The website should include all of the information about the product or service that you offer.


One rule to always keep in mind is to put yourself into the shoes of a potential customer and ask yourself what you would expect to find on the website of a product or service you are a considering investing your hard earned money into.

This will assist you in getting a better understanding on how a website layout should look like.

2. Search Engine Optimization

Developing a website alone is not enough to bring in new business consistently. You will need to think about how you will enhance the visibility of the website so that you can build a potential customer base.

This is where search engine optimization comes into the picture. With the help of SEO techniques, you will be able to make your website pop up on the first page of search engine results.

By doing this, the visibility of your business improves drastically and more visibility leads to more new customers, and more new customers leads to more new money :).


Keep in mind that this is not a make money online fast article, but it will guide you to DEFINITELY making money online from home overtime.

The process takes time so be patient and you will have a money tree in no time!

3. Social media marketing 

As I’m sure you already know, people in the world are extremely attached to their social media networks. With that being said, social media can be easily considered as one of the best platforms available for you to use in order to promote your business.

I really want you to consider investing your money and effort to launch a successful social media campaign on some of the leading networks such as Facebook and Instagram.

This will help you get your business noticed within a short period of time.

4. Email marketing

Last but not least, you need to understand the power that email marketing brings to the table. It truly propels your conversion rates and puts you in a position to deliver effective results towards the success of your business.

Email campaigning is critical to creating an asset that you own and nobody can take away from you, which is your customers! No matter what happens to YouTube or Facebook, you will always have that email list of people that have bought products from you before and that already love you.


Now, I understand that you may not understand how to effectively use email marketing, but that is ok. If you feel that you don’t have the required tools or expertise to launch a successful email marketing campaign, you can simply outsource it or better yet try and online course and educate yourself!

Your entire campaign can be customized as per your specific needs and requirements. By outsourcing this task your money will never be in vain and you will more customers for your online business venture.


So there you have it, 4 simple steps that will show you how to create an online business and how to make money online.

As long as you follow these steps, you will be well on your way to having a high quality, long term, prosperous business that will pay you and support a luxury lifestyle for years to come.

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